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Proud Supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project

We are proud to support wounded warriors in the workforce through the Wounded Warrior Project, Warriors to Work program. To learn how you can help, visit the Wounded Warrior Project website.

Career Opportunities

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Complete descriptions for the following positions can be viewed by clicking on any of the job titles below.

Current Career Opportunities

Ref. No. Job Title Location
14-018 Case Workflow Manager (Administrative Support Assistant 3) Lorton, VA
12-018 Medical & Tech Dir Radiation Emergency Medicine Oak Ridge, TN
14-039 Programmer Analyst 2 Cincinnati, OH
5000-EOI Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Multiple Position Openings Multiple
14-300-CU Custodian Oak Ridge, TN
14-036 Security Specialist 2 Oak Ridge, TN
14-034 Research Associate 4 (Recruiting) Oak Ridge, TN
14-033 Research Associate 4 (Health Information) Oak Ridge, TN
14-023 Operations Planner 4 Arlington, VA
14-024 Operations Planner Senior Arlington, VA
14-021 Operations Planner 2 Arlington, VA
14-022 Operations Planner 3 Arlington, VA
14-020 Operations Planner 1 Arlington, VA
14-014 Case Inventory Technician Lorton, VA
14-029 Maintenance Mechanic 4 Oak Ridge, TN
14-015 Latent Print Technician Lorton, VA
14-017 IAFIS Technician Quantico, VA
14-016 Junior Latent Print Technician Lorton, VA
14-010 Latent Print Examiner Quantico, VA
14-011 Latent Print Photographer Lorton, VA
14-012 Quality Assurance Specialist Lorton, VA
13-029 Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 4 Multiple
13-026 Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 1 Multiple
13-028 Friction Ridge Analyst - Level 3 Multiple
13-025 Card Enrollment Specialist Multiple
13-027 Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 2 Multiple
13-065 Forensic Examiner Senior - Latent Print Multiple
13-063 Forensic Examiner 1 - Latent Print Multiple
13-064 Forensic Examiner 2 - Latent Print Multiple
13-011 Forensic Examiner (Tool Marks) Multiple
13-021 Evidence Custodian Ft. Gillem, GA
13-035 Forensic Examiner Ft. Gillem, GA
13-023 Forensic Specialist Ft. Gillem, GA
13-024 Intelligence Analyst Ft. Gillem, GA
13-031 Forensic Examiner - DNA Ft. Gillem, GA
13-020 Case File Manager Ft. Gillem, GA
13-022 Chemist 2 Ft. Gillem, GA
13-062 Program Specialist Belcamp, MD
13-072 Operations Planner 1 Arlington, VA
13-057 Operations Planner 2 Arlington, VA
13-041 Operations Planner 4 Nuclear EP Specialist Multiple
13-004 Programmer Analyst 3 Oak Ridge, TN
13-001 Programmer Analyst 4 Oak Ridge, TN
12-116 Technical Director Cytogenetics Oak Ridge, TN

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