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Job Description

Research Associate 4 (Health Information)

PURPOSE: Use information science methods to identify and select scientific and technical subject matter experts to serve as reviewers and advisors. The focus for the position is on recruiting in the areas related to medicine, public health, and commercialization, Conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis to support business operations and development. Interact with high-level scientists and technical experts to elicit their engagement with ORAU.



  • Conduct Web-based and literature research to create data sets of scientists and technical experts who are qualified to serve as reviewers and advisors for specific reviews and activities. Use databases, Web services, social media, personal contact, and other resources to develop scientific/technical profiles of experts. Gather and compile information regarding scientific/technical career achievements, technical focus, associations, and potential conflict of interest.


  • Analyze scientific and technical literature compiled to evaluate the qualifications of scientists and engineers and their match with the research being funded by our customers. Organize information into manageable data sets that can be manipulated to support analysis. Prepare reports and presentations for customer review and final selection/approval of experts.


  • Identify and recruit potential experts having the appropriate education and experiential qualifications to achieve review results. Create panel profiles and develops strategies for reviewer recruitment. Initiate contact with potential experts to invite them to participate in the ORAU project. Engage their interest and generate enthusiasm. Follow through on requests for information or assistance and ensure closure, i.e., signed agreement to serve on the ORAU team. Establish working relationships with potential reviewers and organizations. Understand and apply policy and guidance related to reviewer recruitment and conflict of interest.



  • Conduct literature research and analysis in support of STRI projects, program management, and program development. Compile information, analyze qualitative and quantitative data, and develop reports.


  • Conduct business intelligence research and analysis. Use information methods to compile and analyze government policy, reports, Congressional testimony, and other sources to identify business opportunities. Plan/conduct business intelligence projects to support competitive positioning. Maintain a data resource (e.g., SharePoint or Access) for long-term tracking of business opportunities and competitor information.



Master's or other graduate degree in Information Science; Engineering; Science; Business or Public Health and two - four years of job-related experience. Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) certification, preferred. Must be skilled in information science methods and techniques for qualitative (literature) research and quantitative analysis; be able to use Web-based tools, including subscription services such as Scholar Universe, library search tools, and other resources to find and collect scientific and technical information; and have excellent personal and work flow organizational skills are required. The ability to work at a fast tempo for extended periods of time, and excellent written and oral communications skills required. Must possess skills in compiling, managing, and analyzing complex language-based data sets, such as databases of reviewer profiles. Must be able to interact effectively with senior scientific and technical personnel to persuade them to agree to participate in ORAU projects; able to analyze data sets and business and technical information to identify trends and non-obvious information; and able to rearrange data sets to gain insight and give a different perspective. Technical/Scientific writing and editing skills and experience are desired.