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Current CDC Research Opportunities

CDC Researcher

Photo by Greg Knobloch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The ORISE Research Participation Programs at the CDC accept applications from students, recent graduates, and faculty researchers year round.

Each opportunity listed below contains instructions concerning the process for submitting an application and other supporting documents.

Current CDC Openings

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Opportunity Title Opportunity Number Division Academic Level Location
Systematic Review Research Fellowship-CDC CDC-CSELS-2016-0016 Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Science (CSELS) Postdoctoral, Post-Master's  
Childhood Obesity Prevention and Management Healthcare Fellowship – CDC CDC-DNPAO-2016-0013 Division of Nutrition Physical Activity and Obesity (DNPAO) Postdoctoral, Post-Master's  
Biochemical Markers Fellowship CDC-NCEH-2016-0011 Division of Laboratory Systems (NCEH/DLS) Graduate Students, Undergraduates  
Malaria Epidemiology Fellowship-CDC CDC-CGH-2016-0012 Center for Global Health (CGH) Postdoctoral  
Health Scientist Fellowship - CDC CDC-OADS-2016-0010 Office of the Director (OD) Postdoctoral, Post-Master's  
Office of Environmental Health Emergencies ORISE Fellow CDC-NCEH-2016-0009 Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects (NCEH/EHHE) Postdoctoral, Post-Master's  
Technical Training Fellowship - CDC CDC-NCEH-2016-0008 Division of Laboratory Systems (NCEH/DLS) Postdoctoral, Post-Master's  
Biochemisty Fellowship - CDC CDC-NCEH-2016-0007 Division of Laboratory Systems (NCEH/DLS) Postdoctoral, Post-Master's  
Health and Cost Impact Fellowship - CDC CDC-OADP-2016-0006 Office of the Director (OD) Post-Master's  
Physical Activity and Health Fellowship--CDC CDC-DNPAO-2016-0005 Division of Nutrition Physical Activity and Obesity (DNPAO) Post-Master's  
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