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Health Insurance

Every participant is required to have health insurance on the first day of the appointment and throughout the duration of the program. Participants may not be present at CDC facilities if their insurance coverage lapses.

Individual or family insurance coverage may be purchased through ORISE, or participants may obtain another insurance plan from the company of their choice. More information on the insurance coverage offered by ORISE may be found at the ORAU Health Insurance site.

Some CDC programs offer a health insurance stipend supplement to help defray the cost of insurance. This supplement may be applied to the insurance plan of the participant’s choice. If the participant is not enrolled in the insurance plan offered through ORISE, we must receive documentation of the premium paid before issuing the first supplement.

Participants who enroll in the ORAU/ORISE health insurance plan will have the full cost of the monthly premium deducted from their stipend payment. These deductions pay for health insurance for the following month (e.g., the premium for January coverage will be deducted in December). For this reason, participants who begin their appointment between the 1st and 15th of a month can expect to have two insurance premiums deducted from their first stipend payment (one to cover the current month and one to cover the following month).

Vision and dental insurance plans are not available through ORISE. CDC health insurance stipend supplements may not be applied to the cost of such plans obtained elsewhere.