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Call for Presentation Proposals

General Information

The Steering Committee of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) invites you to submit presentation proposals for the 2013 EMI SIG Annual Meeting.

The EMI SIG fosters the exchange of information, ideas, resources, and products of interest to support the DOE emergency management community. The annual meeting focuses on current emergency management issues and concerns.


The theme for the 2013 EMI SIG Meeting is "Harnessing the Winds of Change." The intent of the meeting is to focus on such critical issues as the safety of nuclear facilities as it relates to beyond design basis events analysis and emergency response and identify opportunities for improvement; to discuss and obtain feedback on the DOE nuclear safety culture as it relates to emergency management; to facilitate integration of the regulatory framework (non-DOE federal regulations and policies) into site/facility emergency management programs; and to discuss and obtain feedback on the control and use of risk assessments to support nuclear safety decision-making in the context of emergency management.

EMI SIG Sponsor

DOE Office of Emergency Management, NA-41
Jim Fairobent, Advisor

EMI SIG Steering Committee

    • Dorothy Cohen, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (Manager)
    • Jim Colson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    • Dan Connell, Hanford
    • Robert Gee, B&W Y-12 (Chair)
    • Michael Knazovich, Sandia National Laboratories
    • Melanie LePard, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Proposal Deadline

January 25, 2013

Submission of Presentation Proposals

Use the proposal form to submit your presentation proposal.

Topic Areas

      • Active Shooter
      • Beyond Design Basis Events, e.g. extended loss of offsite power, offsite response resources, communications, or egress routes
      • Categorization and Classification
      • Communication and Notifications
      • Consequence Assessment
      • Continuity of Operations Programs
      • DOE Nuclear Safety Culture
      • Emergency Facilities and Equipment
      • Emergency Medical Support
      • Emergency Public Information
      • Emergency Response Organizations
      • Exercises (particularly events that impact multiple facilities and can cause the loss of infrastructure capabilities [such as onsite and offsite power, communications, and roadways] and the unavailability of mutual aid)
      • Hazards Survey/Hazards Assessment
      • Hurricanes
      • Offsite Response Interfaces
      • Pandemic Planning and Response
      • Program Administration
      • Protective Actions and Re-entry
      • Readiness Assurance
      • Risk Assessments in Nuclear Safety Decision-Making
      • Sustainability of Programs
      • Termination and Recovery
      • Tornadoes
      • Training and Drills
      • Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program
      • Wildland Fires

Benefits of Presenting

    • Sharing valuable knowledge and experience
    • Challenging yourself and your colleagues with new ideas
    • Shaping the future of emergency management
    • Networking with your colleagues

Selection Process

The EMI SIG Steering Committee will review and select those proposals that demonstrate the greatest potential to contribute to the quality of the meeting and are most relevant (useful) across the DOE system.

The committee is seeking proposals that utilize a variety of presentation modes. Individuals submitting presentation proposals will be notified about the status of their proposals by early February. Proposals may be selected for a presentation format other than the one requested.


Displays are encouraged featuring informational or training products and other materials developed by DOE offices and DOE prime contractors. Exhibits by subcontractors displaying products developed for a DOE site will be considered with concurrence from the sponsoring DOE office/site.

Please also register your display using the Display Registration Form.

Session Formats

    • General Session
    • Concurrent Session
    • Workshop/Training
    • Panel Discussion
    • Facilitated Discussion
    • Mini Session
    • Poster Session
    • Tabletop
    • Subcommittee/Working Group
    • Other

Selection Criteria

All submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Overall quality
    • Relevance to the theme
    • Timeliness of topic
    • Audience appeal
    • Well-defined focus
    • Application of the material
    • Professional background and speaking experience of presenter
    • Past performance as presenter at EMI SIG meetings