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2014 Annual Meeting

The 2014 EMI SIG Annual Meeting was held at the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, April 22–25.

The meeting theme was "Severe Events: Planning and Preparedness."

The primary purpose of the 2014 Meeting was to address outcomes of the second Departmental Nuclear Safety Workshop (September 2012), and the resulting DOE Office of Health, Safety, and Security’s Operating Experience Level One Report (April 2013), specifically Action 1, which states:  “All Program Offices, in coordination with responsible contractors, shall evaluate their site emergency management programs' response to severe accidents/events (including BDBEs) that could have a site-wide impact, using the guidance in Attachment 1, and make appropriate enhancements. This review and appropriate enhancements, if not already accomplished, shall be completed by the end of Calendar Year (CY) 2014.”  The focus of the meeting was on how contractors and field elements are implementing Action 1.  

2014 Annual Meeting

Evaluation Comments Summary

The average rating for the Comprehensive Evaluation was 4.5 (scale of 1 to 5).

The single greatest benefit from the EMI SIG Meeting was overwhelmingly listed as networking (information sharing, collaboration, communication, interaction with colleagues). Other benefits mentioned were lessons learned, face-time for subcommittee and group meetings, new ideas, feedback and information sharing, exchange of ideas between sites, sharing information in sessions, real-world experts sharing knowledge and experiences, access to help from counterparts at other facilities and sister laboratories.

Comments from Evaluations:

  • "Great location away from distractions."
  • "Maintaining the face-to-face meeting format is crucial. Often the best content is informal discussion outside the formal agenda."
  • "Choice of NCTC was wonderful. I liked the college atmosphere and being together for meals was very useful for networking. The setting was beautiful. Food was terrific and enjoyable."
  • "Awesome venue!"
  • "Presenters are top notch."
  • "Excellent choice of facility."
  • "Networking was good at meal times."
  • "Outstanding effort getting this all put together. Thanks!"
  • "Great location; beautiful setting; very nice training rooms; good food--too much! Great job setting this up!"
  • "Great opportunity to network and see what HQ and individual sites are doing."
  • "Taking back a lot of information for my bosses as well as my subordinates."
  • "The facility and support staff were excellent."
  • "Very useful information; sharing experiences and best practices between sites is very beneficial."
  • "Super job of pulling together a quality lineup of material in spite of compressed schedule for planning and impacts on attendance."
  • "Some very practical and useful  things that can be applied right away to programs."
  • "Very excellent open sharing of information and ideas.  The lessons learned topic continues to be of interest."