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Annual Meeting

The EMI SIG Annual Meeting, sponsored by the DOE Headquarters Office of Emergency Management and Policy (NA-41), focuses on sharing information about current emergency management issues and concerns. 

The Meeting includes:

  • Presentations,
  • Panel discussions,
  • Workshops/training,
  • Subcommittee and working group meetings, and
  • Displays on emergency management topics of interest to members.

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2016 Annual Meeting Plans

At this time, the 2016 Meeting is scheduled for the National Conference Center (NCC) in Leesburg, VA, May 2-6, with May 2 and May 6 being travel days.  The NCC operates similar to the National Training Conservation Center where we convened for the last couple of meetings.  The facility offers a plan that includes lodging and three meals per day for $156, which is the equivalent of the 2016 GSA lodging and per diem rates for Leesburg.  A 13 percent sales tax will also be added.  No registration fee will be charged for the meeting. The NCC is located only 12 miles from Dulles Airport, with cab or shuttle service available for about $25.  The use of rental cars is discouraged; and carpooling, where practical, is encouraged.

While there is no agenda at this time, this meeting is expected to be a follow-up to last year’s meeting, focused on the Implementation Plan for DNFSB Recommendation 2014-1 and rewrite of DOE O 151.1C.

The deadline for entering slots into the DOE iPortal Conference Management System is October 21, 2015, after which time there will be no additions.  If you are planning to attend the Meeting, please have your conference management contact enter a slot for you in the iPortal.  If you do not know who your conference management contact is, someone in your Travel Office should be able to point you in the right direction.