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COOPSC Objectives


The COOPSC will promote and assist in developing COOP resources and provide guidance and recommendations that serve the needs of DOE/NNSA by sharing information, expertise, and resources for the continual improvement of COOP capabilities throughout the DOE/NNSA complex.


  1. Serve as the DOE/NNSA focal point for COOP issues.
  2. Function as the DOE/NNSA repository for COOP resources.
  3. Collect and synthesize input to define the DOE/NNSA-wide position on COOP issues.
  4. Promote DOE/NNSA-wide best practices for implementing COOP.
  5. Establish and maintain liaison with other EMI SIG and DOE/NNSA committees that have mutual interests. The COOPSC shall advise, as requested, all other DOE/NNSA committees on COOP and promote cooperation among these committees in areas of common interest.
  6. Provide regularly scheduled information-sharing video and/or phone conferencing.