January 2007

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has developed a new way to maintain communications with the emergency management community at the DOE/NNSA sites and facilities. Using the Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) Listserv to address the broad spectrum of emergency management professionals, OEM will periodically send out updates of emergency management topics of interest.

Previous issues of the update will be available here and on the Subcommittee on Consequence Assessment and Protective Action SCAPA) page. Each new update will provide a “hot link” to allow you to access these archived updates. In cases where the subject requires more than one page of discussion, the update will only include a summary discussion and links will be provided for more detail.

This current update focuses on how to question or appeal a Temporary Emergency Exposure Limits (TEEL).

TEEL Appeal...Questioning an existing TEEL value

Anyone can request a review of a current TEEL value for which they have a question or concern. To do this, follow the simple directions found near the bottom of SCAPA’s TEEL webpage under the heading "Questioning an Existing TEEL Value?" Forms are available using either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats to document and submit your questions/concerns. The review of user questions/concerns is given a high priority by the TEEL development team and the TEEL Advisory Group.

Please keep in mind that the "TEEL Appeal" is limited to TEELs only. It does not extend to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Acute Exposure Guideline Levels (AEGLs) or the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPGs). Questions on AEGL or ERPG values must be submitted to their governing organizations (links to which are provide for your convenience on the TEEL webpage). Both the searchable database and the tables and Excel spreadsheets on the webpage, which provide TEEL data, include information on AEGLs and ERPGs as a convenience for the user. Chemicals with AEGLs or ERPGs have their names listed in bold font. In the searchable database, AEGL or ERPG values are listed in the Exposure Limit display. In the tables and spreadsheets, the Comment column in “Table 2: AEGLs, ERPGs, or Rev 21 TEELs" indicates whether the exposure limits are governed by AEGLs or ERPGs.