May 2009


The DOE Office of Emergency Management and Policy (NA-41) has issued the following Emergency Management Update relating to the withdrawal of Ricin from the PAC/TEEL Workbook and the issuance of Rev 24A. Using the Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) Listserv, NA-41 periodically sends updates related to emergency management topics of interest.

Previous issues of updates are available on the EMI SIG website and on the Subcommittee on Consequence Assessment and Protective Action (SCAPA) page. In cases where the subject requires more than one page of discussion, the update includes a summary discussion and links are provided for more detail.

Ricin TEEL Values

Withdrawn from PAC/TEEL Workbook Rev.24

The TEEL values for Ricin listed in the PAC/TEEL Workbook Rev. 24 have been withdrawn and Rev. 24A has been issued.  Ricin was withdrawn from Rev. 24 because of differences between the TEEL values and the draft values being discussed by the Acute Emergency Guideline Level (AEGL) committee.  The TEEL Advisory Group (TAG), which works with the TEEL Development Team, recommended that the TEEL values be withdrawn.  The DOE/NNSA Office of Emergency Management (NA-41) concurred and directed the withdrawal and updating of the PAC Workbook to Rev. 24A. If TEEL values are published for Ricin in Rev. 25, they will be consistent with draft AEGL values.

Ultimately, the PAC values for Ricin will reflect AEGL values when they become Interim values.