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The purpose of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Emergency Public Information Subcommittee (EPISC) is to provide a forum for, and to facilitate the interaction between, DOE/NNSA and its contractor personnel with common interests in identifying and resolving emergency public information issues throughout the DOE/NNSA complex.

DOE will use the existing Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) to achieve this purpose. The mission of the EPISC is to develop, improve, and/or provide emergency public information for the DOE/NNSA community.  Consequently, the EMI SIG is an appropriate mechanism for disseminating this information.

Value Statement

The EPISC will promote and assist in developing emergency public information resources that serve the needs of DOE/NNSA, by sharing information, expertise, and resources for the continual improvement of emergency public information throughout the DOE/NNSA complex.

Objectives of EPISC

  1. Serve as the DOE/NNSA focal point for emergency public information issues.
  2. Function as the DOE/NNSA repository for emergency public information resources.
  3. Collect and synthesize input to define the DOE/NNSA-wide position on emergency public information issues.
  4. Promote DOE/NNSA-wide best practices in emergency public information.
  5. Establish and maintain liaison through the EPISC with other EMI SIG and DOE/NNSA committees that have mutual interests. The Subcommittee shall advise, as requested, all other DOE/NNSA committees on emergency public information and promote cooperation among these committees in areas of common interest.
  6. Provide regularly scheduled, information-sharing video and/or phone conferencing.


Membership in the EPISC is open to all DOE/NNSA and contractors with interest or responsibility for managing, overseeing, or implementation of emergency management requirements in DOE/NNSA organizations.

EPISC Planning Committee

The EPISC will be directed by a Planning Committee that will be appointed by the EMI SIG Steering Committee.  Members of the Planning Committee will select a Chair of the EPISC with approval by the EMI SIG Committee. The ORISE EMI SIG Manager will designate an ORISE staff member to serve as Coordinator of the EPISC .


When serving as a standing subcommittee sponsored by DOE/NNSA, the EPISC will adhere to the following principles:

  1. Openness:  Participation in the subcommittee will be open to all persons who are directly and materially affected by the activity in question.
  2. Balance of Interests: Development activities will be undertaken by a committee comprised of representatives of all categories of interest that relate to the subject matter.

EPISC Meetings

Subcommittee meetings will normally be held in conjunction with regularly scheduled workshops and conferences at which emergency management professionals, management, and oversight personnel attendance is expected.  The EPISC will meet via video conference and teleconference, as needed.  When the physical presence of Subcommittee members is required, special meetings will be scheduled.