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The purpose of the Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) Exercise and Drill Subcommittee (EXDSC) is to facilitate collaboration and information sharing for continued development and improvement of planning and conduct of DOE/NNSA emergency preparedness exercises. The scope of work performed by this subcommittee includes all elements associated with drill and exercise planning, design and development, implementation, evaluation, control, documentation, and corrective actions.


The EXDSC is open to all DOE/NNSA employees, supporting contractors and other approved government and nongovernment agencies with responsibilities for managing, overseeing or implementing comprehensive emergency management. The primary audience is drill and exercise planners from around the DOE/NNSA complex.

Subcommittee members are encouraged to:

  • Actively participate in discussions and decision-making
  • Build on ideas of others; create options to satisfy mutual and separate interests
  • Offer constructive feedback and participate in professional debate
  • Engage in information sharing and collaboration


Leadership of the EXDSC comes from the Chair or Co-chair in the absence of the Chair. The Chair will act and report to the Steering Committee on behalf of the subcommittee. The Chair is responsible for coordinating meetings and monitoring progress on annual objectives. Advisors to the subcommittee will come from the DOE Office of Emergency Management and EMI SIG Steering Committee. The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) will provide coordination and support.

Subcommittee Chair and Co-Chair(s) positions will be selected by the subcommittee annually during the annual EXDSC Workshop. If a Chair resigns, a Co-Chair will assume the Chair responsibilities until the next annual conference. In the absence of a Co-Chair, the subcommittee will request a volunteer during the next quarterly conference call.

Task Groups

Special task groups will be established to address specific issues or to develop products as identified by the subcommittee and approved by the Chair. Task group membership is approved by the Chair.


The subcommittee will normally meet via conference call on a quarterly basis and meet annually at the EMI SIG Conference. Quarterly conference calls will include a meeting agenda and follow-on meeting minutes. Task groups will meet according to pre-determined dates/times. Additional subcommittee meetings will be determined by the subcommittee.