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Emergency Readiness Assurance Subcommittee (ERASC)

The Emergency Readiness Assurance Subcommittee (ERASC) was established at the 2016 EMI SIG Annual Meeting. The ERASC facilitates continued development and improvement of the Readiness Assurance Program to include: Assessments, Exercises, Performance Indicators, Continuous Improvement, Lessons Learned and Emergency Readiness Assurance Plan by sharing information and best practices.

Former members of the Exercise and Drill Subcommittee were transferred to the ERASC membership. However, it was also decided at the 2016 EMI SIG Annual Meeting that drills would become part of the Training Subcommittee rather than remain with the Exercise Group. The Training Subcommitte is now the Training and Drills Subcommittee (TDSC). Individuals involved with drills should update their EMI SIG membership to include the TDSC.  This will allow them to get listserv messages from that Subcommittee.