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Exercise Builder Task Group

The Exercise Builder Task Group (EBTG) is composed of subject matter experts who provide guidance for the development and implementation of Exercise Builder, a computer-based tool for developing DOE emergency exercises, drills, and required documentation.

The EBTG meets annually to discuss product enhancements to Exercise Builder. The EBTG also recommends improvements throughout the year, reviews and tests beta versions of the product, and approves modifications.

Exercise Builder

Exercise Builder is an easy-to-use PC-based application for DOE and DOE contractor personnel who develop emergency exercises and drills. It provides step-by-step guidance to develop required documents for exercise plans, including objectives, exercise scenario materials, and evaluator guides.

Development Cycle

Timeframe Activity
June - October ORISE develops Beta version for current year.
November Current users surveyed to provide feedback.
December Task Group meets to discuss product enhancements.
December - April ORISE programs approved revisions.
May Release of new version during EMI SIG annual meeting.


Pre-developed objectives, response steps, evaluation criteria, and evaluator checklists are available for:

  • Incident Command
  • Duty Officer
  • Joint Information Center
  • Fire Department
  • Security Force
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Assembly Station
  • Field Monitoring Team Coordinating Center
  • Field Monitoring Team
  • Technical Support Center
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Combined TSC and EOC
  • NNSA/DOE HQ Watch Office and Operations
  • Radiological Assistance Program

After Action Reporting is available in the latest release of Exercise Builder with the ability to generate multiple reports based on exercise evaluation results.

Request a Copy

Exercise Builder is available at no cost to any qualified users. Users agree to provide feedback on the use of this product.