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First and Field Responders Subcommittee (FFRSC)

First and Field Responders Working Group (FFRWG)

The First and Field Responders Subcommittee (FFRSC) was formed as a working group at the May 2009 Annual Meeting, had its first teleconference in October 2009, and achieved Subcommittee status in May 2012. First and field responders recognized the vast differences in response methods and systems across the DOE complex and concluded that the formation of a working group of responders would be of mutual benefit. More consistent emergency response across the complex can be provided by sharing information such as:

  • Response methodologies
  • Current and evolving technologies
  • Communication and training methods
  • Preplanning and mutual-aid systems
  • Policies and procedures

The FFRSC focuses on activities such as fire department operations, emergency medical services, security measures, incident command functions, and hazardous materials incident stabilization and mitigation.