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Chemical Screening Working Group

An effective screening process reduces the number of hazardous materials unnecessarily subjected to detailed quantitative analysis for emergency planning purposes. This allows emergency management resources to be focused on analyzing materials whose release could cause a hazard significant enough to warrant specific consideration in an Operational Emergency Hazardous Material Program at Department of Energy (DOE) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) sites. Screening of chemicals, however, is not always straightforward. To assist the DOE and NNSA community in effectively addressing chemical screening issues, the DOE Hazards Assessment Subcommittee (HASC) has established a Chemical Screening Working Group (CSWG). The CSWG provides a collaborative forum for DOE/NNSA and its contractors with common interests regarding chemical screening criteria. The purpose of the CSWG is to identify and develop sound methodology for resolving chemical screening issues and to promote a consistent approach to chemical screening throughout the DOE/NNSA complex. An important role of the CSWG will be to develop and analyze various screening approaches that could be used by the complex to more effectively and efficiently identify hazardous materials whose actual or potential release could cause an Operational Emergency requiring classification.


CSWG Leadership

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