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Reference Documents Related to PACs and TEELs

The following are useful documents related to Temporary Emergency Exposure Limits (TEELs).

TEELs Methods and Practice Handbook (pdf)

DOE-HDBK-1046-2008. August 2008. This document presents the framework used to develop PAC/TEELs, the methodology followed, and sample derivations.

Alternative Guideline Limits for Chemicals Without ERPGs (pdf)

By Craig, D.K., Davis J.S., DeVore, R., Hansen, D.J., Petrocchi, A.J., Powell, T.J., American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, 56:919-925 (1995). This AIHA journal article provides information on TEELs before they were officially named “TEELs.”

Derivation of Temporary Emergency Exposure Limits (TEELs) (pdf)

From the Journal of Applied Toxicology 20. 11-20 (2000). Provides updated information on how TEELs are derived.

Methodology for Deriving Temporary Emergency Exposure Limits (TEELs) (pdf)

By Craig, D.K. and C.R. Lux. 1998. WSRC-TR-98-00080. Westinghouse Savannah River Company. This 41-page document provides a detailed discussion on the TEEL methodology.

No ERPG? Use a TEEL! (pdf)

(From DOE Emergency Manager, Oct. 1998). This article provides an explanation on how ERPGs and TEELs are used in DOE Emergency Planning.