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February 2007

It’s been a busy few months for SCAPA. The first thing you’ve probably noticed is the new look of our Web pages. Thanks to ORAU’s Dorothy Cohen and her team, the look and functionality of the SCAPA Web pages have been updated (as have all of the EMI SIG Web pages).

We’re taking advantage of this change to the Web site to update the name of the TEEL Web page. The TEEL data set, and particularly the searchable database, is evolving into one-stop-shopping for AEGL, ERPG, and TEEL data. Other useful chemical information is also provided in the database. As a result, we will start referring to the data sets more and more as “Protective Action Criteria (PAC) for Chemicals of Concern.” Our TEEL data are still the star of this show, but we are also acknowledging the other data products that we provide. In the chemical arena, interesting work continues to be done with the Chemical Mixture Methodology.

In the consequence assessment arena, there are two major initiatives underway. SCAPA has sponsored the inclusion of Hotspot in the DOE’s Central Registry of Toolbox Models. Work is underway to characterize and upgrade the software quality assurance of Hotspot to support this effort. Members of SCAPA are polishing off new guidance on dose assessment factors and working to form a new Source Term Working Group.

The Biosafety Working Group activities continue to pick up steam. Meetings of this working group are being conducted on a schedule that parallels the SCAPA teleconference schedule. A new Web page of useful biosafety information is now available on the SCAPA Web site.

I invite you to tour the new SCAPA Web pages and if you are not already involved in a working group, please step forward and offer your assistance.Working together we are making a difference!