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June 2005

SCAPA’s annual meeting was held on May 5, 2005 in New Orleans, LA, in conjunction with the EMI SIG’s annual meeting (May 2-4). Highlights included:

  • presentations on biosafety and a biosafety panel discussion
  • new DOE software quality assurance requirements for safety and safety-related software and Hanford’s response to these new requirements
  • consequence assessment modeling enhancements at Brookhaven and Sandia National Laboratories
  • enhancements to NARAC
  • the DOE response to the Graniteville, SC rail accident
  • updates on work involving chemical health indicators (e.g., TEELs, HCNs)
  • a tribute to the late Doan Hansen.

For more meeting information, read the comprehensive summary on the 2005 SCAPA meeting.

In addition to Thursday’s day-long SCAPA meeting, other key SCAPA activities conducted during the week included:

  • a workshop on Chemical Protective Action Criteria
  • a meeting of the NARAC DOE User’s Group meeting
  • a meeting of the Consequence Assessment Modeling working group
  • a meeting of the DOE Biosafety Officers with Dr. Jim Powers to discuss DOE’s new Emergency Management Guide
  • a joint meeting of Chemical Exposure and Chemical Mixture Working Groups