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Technology Working Group (TECHWG)

Technology Working Group

EMI SIG members identified the need for a group to facilitate collaboration and information sharing related to technology and thus the Technology Working Group was formed in December 2009. The first teleconference was in February 2010 with over 30 participants.

The purpose of the Technology Working Group is to provide a forum across the DOE complex where collaboration and information sharing for continued development, integration and standardization of Emergency Management Technologies can make a difference.  The scope of work performed by this group includes all elements associated with network configuration and online tools, system standardization, cyber security and emergent technologies used to assist decision makers.

TECHWG Objectives:

  1. Discuss, educate, and evaluate emergency management technologies.
  2. Develop proposals to influence standardization of technology products and take advantage of package discounts.
  3. Discuss cost sharing and collaboration between organizations to minimize development, testing, and implementation of new products.
  4. Provide a forum for companies to present, test, and solicit recommendations on new technologies that are in different development stages.
  5. Support the EMI SIG Steering Committee, Subcommittees, and other Working Groups with technology-related questions or issues.
  6. Function as a DOE/NNSA repository for technology information and resources by maintaining a SharePoint site as a sharing location for working group members.
  7. Promote DOE/NNSA-wide best practices for implementing technology solutions.
  8. Provide regularly scheduled information-sharing, phone conferencing, video conferencing when needed, and annual meetings for its members.