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Exercise Builder


Request a copy of EBv8 today and let us know what you think!

Exercise Builder Version 8 (EBv8) is available for user review and testing.  EBv8 is the next generation of the Exercise Builder software.  It has been redesigned and developed using Microsoft’s most current application development technology and allows for easy implementation of future improvements.

EBv8 has a scalable application window with a larger font for easy reading and expandable Process Outline and Help side panels for one-click navigation to specific steps and quick access to context-sensitive FAQ help.  More information will be saved to your baseline for use on future exercises. This new version also features spell check with a custom dictionary and EXPLAN generated documents in an MS Word-based customizable template. The initial install of EBv8 will be distributed via a Web download.

The Exercise Builder development team will continue to implement Steps and functionality to the program.  Updates to the user’s version will be available via the Web using Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology. 


Learn more about EBv8 capabilities and what the application can offer your exercise and drill program.

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EBv8 is released exclusively to EMI SIG members for testing. 

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Request a copy of EBv8 today.