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The purpose of the Emergency Management Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) Training Subcommittee (TSC) is to facilitate interaction between DOE and DOE contractor personnel with common interests in identifying and resolving issues such as those affecting training programs across the DOE complex.

The function of the TSC is to provide assistance to DOE and the DOE Complex by:

  1. Studying issues that affect training and seeking a common approach for providing solutions to identified problems through a process that includes planning, research, and evaluation.
  2. Providing an infrastructure and forum to facilitate sharing training initiatives, information, findings, and good practices through a process that utilizes websites, papers, and presentations to provide results for consideration and implementation.
  3. Monitoring feedback to promote continuous improvement in emergency management training.


Membership in the TSC is open to any member of the EMI SIG.


Leadership of the TSC will come from the Chair and the Co-Chair in the absence of the Chair. He or she will act and/or report on behalf of the group. The Chair will be responsible for ensuring that progress on group activities is made at a predetermined pace and that deliverables are completed on time and as specified by the group.

  1. The Chair and Co-Chair positions are elected by the membership of the TSC every two years by electronic vote or during the EMI SIG Annual Meeting.
  2. No term limits will be imposed, and the Chair and Co-Chair positions may be reelected if the incumbents wish to run again.
  3. If the Chair cannot fulfill the the length of his or her term for any reason, the Co-Chair will assume the role of Chair for the remainder of the current term.
  4. The vacant Co-Chair position will be filled by an impromptu vote of the TSC membership after a call for candidates is issued.

Task Groups

Groups will be established to address specific issues or develop products as identified and based on recommendations from the TSC membership and approval of the Chair and Co-Chair.


Meetings will be held on a quarterly basis via conference call. Special Meetings will be called as needed. Technical arrangements for the calls will be the responsibility of the Chair through the EMI SIG Coordinator. In addition, the TSC will meet during the EMI SIG Annual Meeting to review progress and develop the annual objectives and recommended timeline for the next year.