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Training and Drills Subcommittee (TDSC)

The Name of the Training Subcommittee has been changed to the Training and Drills Subcommittee.  At the 2016 EMI SIG Annual Meeting, it was decided that drills would become part of the Training Subcommittee rather than remain with the Exercise Group, which is now part of the new Emergency Readiness Assurance Subcommittee (ERASC) that was established at the Annual Meeting.  Individuals involved with drills should update their EMI SIG membership to include the Training and Drills Subcommittee.  This will allow them to get listserv messages from that Subcommittee.

The Training and Drills Subcommittee (TDSC) provides assistance to DOE and the DOE complex by studying issues that affect training and drills; recommending solutions to identified problems; sharing initiatives, lessons learned, and best practices; and monitoring feedback to promote continuous improvement in emergency management training and drills.

Training Subcommittee

The TDSC works on ongoing objectives throughout the year and establishes new objectives each year. Core groups are established to address specific issues or develop products, based on recommendations from the TDSC membership.