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How ORISE is making a difference

Independent environmental assessments and verification help ensure decommissioned nuclear sites are safe

ORISE technicians perform environmental assessment and verification

One of the key missions of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) is protecting workers, the public and the environment through research, outreach and environmental assessment activities. Government agencies must provide assurance that decommissioned land and facilities are safe for reuse and having that confidence comes from the work we do to ensure that projects meet the release criteria of regulatory agencies.

ORISE strives for consistency and our health physicists have contributed to ANSI standards and the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey & Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM). Through ORAU, the managing contractor of ORISE, we also provide health physics training to help participants understand how to apply industry-approved methodologies to decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) projects.

To learn more about how ORISE is making a difference in the area of environmental assessment and health physics, browse through some of the project examples listed below.

K-33 facility

ORISE’s completion of environmental characterization at ORNL is a Recovery Act success

A major milestone was reached this summer when ORISE completed radiological and chemical characterization sampling at ORNL.

ORISE technician performs an interior facility scan

ORISE supporting Oak Ridge reservation cleanup activities through recovery funding

ORISE is supporting efforts that will dramatically reduce the number of high-risk facilities located throughout the Oak Ridge Reservation.

Radiological control technicians

ARRA-funded work creates opportunities for Tennessee-based small businesses

Learn about a couple of professionals hired to support ORISE’s ARRA-funded work and how it has benefited them.