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The Value of Independence

ORISE white paper explains how DOE Order 458.1 brings independent verification to the forefront of D&D projects

With the release of DOE Order 458.1 in February 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy has made independent verification an official requirement for contractors involved in decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) projects at former nuclear sites operated by DOE.

In the white paper The Value of Independence (PDF, 500KB), ORISE provides more background on DOE O 458.1 and explains why it is important to have radiological cleanup efforts verified by a qualified third party that is not involved in the actual cleanup process.

As the primary independent verification contractor for DOE, ORISE stands uniquely prepared to help D&D managers achieve compliance with this new requirement. With more than 30 years of experience, ORISE has the know-how to begin the verification process at almost any stage of a cleanup project.

DOE has incorporated the language requiring the independent verification of nuclear cleanup activities as an added layer of protection for the public to help ensure that former nuclear sites are safe for reuse. While this step may appear to add time and expense to a cleanup project, The Value of Independence explains how the benefits gained by providing assurance to the public that former nuclear sites have been certified as safe for use far exceeds the costs. This is particularly true if the verification process uncovers problems that have been missed during cleanup.

If you are affiliated with a DOE radiological cleanup project that is now required to comply with DOE O 458.1, contracting with ORISE for independent verification is a simple process. Thanks to the ORISE contract with DOE, adding verification services is streamlined so that ORISE staff can arrive at your project site in as little as two weeks rather than several months.

For more information, please download the white paper and contact ORISE if you have additional questions about DOE’s new independent verification requirements.

The Value of Independence white paper

Download the ORAU white paper The Value of Independence (PDF, 500 KB)

Contacting ORISE

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