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How to Find a Participant

Once you have identified a research project for an ORISE participant, ORISE can assist with the solicitation and collection of applications. Applications are generally sent directly to ORISE. ORISE will screen them to ensure that the candidates meet the basic eligibility requirements before forwarding them to you or your designee.

To post an opportunity with us, please email Sharon Kern this template with the project description and the candidate’s necessary qualifications. Here is a sample posting showing our formatting, standard language, and what types of information we recommend you provide to candidates.

ORISE generally assists EPA offices in recruiting new participants by posting current research openings at EPA on this site and on our ORISE website.

Posting opportunities is an optional service which ORISE performs for customers on request. EPA offices may use any recruitment strategy which they find most effective, and are not required to announce opportunities with ORISE prior to bringing a new participant on board.