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Public Health Communication

Public Health Communication

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) assists government agencies and organizations in addressing public health challenges by developing evidence-based communication programs and social marketing initiatives that resonate with target populations.

Because approximately half of American adults do not understand basic health information, ORISE develops the types of messages that will attract attention and motivate people to address their personal and family health.

ORISE also develops and executes evidence-based and culturally-competent public health communication programs that help change behaviors and result in healthier lifestyles.

Communication Planning and Products

Public health organizations are faced with increasing demands for evidence-based evaluation of effective communication programs and products.

ORISE’s health and safety communications staff can provide assistance with:

  • Conducting formative research and audience analysis
  • Developing a strategic communication plan
  • Creating and testing key messages and communication materials
  • Developing and carrying out distribution methods

Message Development

Through workshops, focus groups, interviews and tailored communication materials, ORISE assists government agencies and organizations in researching, crafting and delivering the right message.

When communication materials are developed, ORISE takes into account the needs of special populations.

Social Marketing

When delivering health information and promoting health-related services and products, ORISE helps agencies apply social marketing principles to promote healthy behaviors and reduce risky ones.

Both techniques are audience-focused and evidence-based, as ORISE considers demographics, attitudes, beliefs, values, needs, culture, lifestyles and media habits of targeted population segments when tailoring messages.

Therefore, ORISE’s social marketing goal is to protect individual health and to improve overall well-being.