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Instructional Design and Development

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) works with government agencies and organizations to create customized training and instructional design programs, from traditional classroom teaching to online education.

ORISE uses a multi-step process to define the instructional design and development needs. Our process includes:

  • Defining the target audience and objectives
  • Designing and developing the program and materials
  • Piloting, delivering and managing the training
  • Evaluating the final product

Whether a small- or large-scale effort, ORISE helps determine the most effective approach based on needs and resources, which may include:

  • Collaborative experiences
  • Interactive simulations
  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Guided instructions
  • Point-of-use job aids and just-in-time training
  • Full-function exercises and drills

Instructional Design and Development