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Health Communication, Marketing and Training

Health communication, marketing and training services are provided through ORAU, the managing contractor of DOE's Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. ORAU blends communication, marketing, and technical training skills with public health, preparedness, epidemiology and environmental health, and cutting edge technology to develop communication programs that inform the public and equip health professionals.

Frequently delivered capabilities include:

  • eLearning and multimedia products
    Customizing technology-based learning tools to prepare health officials for response to the most pressing public health challenges.
  • Health communication and marketing
    Developing, pilot testing, implementing and evaluating innovative health communication and social marketing programs and campaigns.
  • Health and safety training
    Specializing in training and education solutions to protect the health and safety of workers and consumers across the globe.
  • Health preparedness and response
    Providing tailored services to help federal, state, territorial, tribal and local agencies prepare for and respond to public health and medical emergencies.
  • Research and evaluation
    Tailoring research and evaluation solutions to improve health communication, marketing and training efforts.

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