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A Labor Perspective on the Assessment and Management of the Potential Risks of Nanotechnology view
Darius Sivin

2013 NNI Stakeholders Perspectives on the Perception, Assessment, and Management of the Potential Risks of Nanotechnology, An NGO
Jennifer Sass and Lauren Heine

Effects of Nanomaterials on Human Health, Animal Models view
Anna Shvedova

Omics Approaches in Nanosafety Research: Prediction of Toxicity and Susceptibility Pathways view
Brian Thrall


Nano-Safety view
Walt Trybula, August 2011

Some Key Elements for Nanomaterial Exposure Assessment and Management to Advance Sustainable Manufacturing view
Mark d. Hoover, March 2011


Overview of Nanomaterials Safety at BNL View
John Peters and Wai-Lin Litzke, October 2010

Nano Educational Series Podcasts view
July 2010

Occupational Exposure Limits for Nanomaterials: State of the Art view
P. A. Schulte, V. Murashov, R. Zumwalde, E. D. Kuempel and C. L. Geraci, June 2010

Ten Things Everyone Should Know about Nanotechnology Safety view
Andrew Maynard, 2010


Engineered Nanomaterials for NASA: Managing Health and Safety Concerns (a user's perspective) view
Randy L. Vander Wal, July 2009

Best Practices for Working Safely with Nanoparticles in Laboratories View
Michael J. Ellenbecker, January 2009

Good Current Practices for Managing Nanomaterials View
Charles L. Geraci, January 2009

Implementing Prevention Through Design: A Case Study of
Nanoscale-Research view
John Weaver, 2009


Effectiveness of PPE and Engineering Controls view
Ron Shaffer, July 8, 2008

Nanotechnology: Environment, Health, and Safety view
Clark Miller, June 6, 2008

Nanotechnology for the Biosafety Professional
Matthew Anderson, 2008

Operational Exposure Guides for the Assessment and Control of Nano Materials at CNMS View
John Jankovic, 2008


Nanowaste Disposal (No Small Problem) view
Bill Diesslin, May 2007

Smart Science, The Challenges and Benefits of Getting Nanotech Right in the Laboratory view
Andrew D. Maynard, May 2007

Understanding Occupational Safety and Health Issues of Nanotechnology: A Progress Report VIEW
Paul Schulte, February 2007


Nanoparticles - Health Effects and Occupational Medical Surveillance
Michael Nasterlack, Andreas Zober, Christoh Oberlinnner, December 2006

Regulatory and Risk Overview: OSHA Perspectives VIEW
Loretta Schuman, December 2006

Nanotechnology: Hazard Communication Issues view
Bruce Lippy, May 31, 2006

Nanotechnology Initiative view
Paul Wambach, May 2006

Control Banding - What is it, How to use it, and What are the Limitations?
R. Niemeier, March 2006

Processes Required to Effectively Manage Nano-Materials VIEW
Steve Brown, January 24, 2006


Frontiers in Nanotechnology view
Celia Merzbacher, May 2005

Nanotechnology and EPA view
Nora Savage, 2005


Nanotechnology in U.S. view
M.C. Roco, October 12, 2004

Date Unknown

Generation of Pyrophoric Nanomaterials
David J. Hathcock and Kevin Fox

How Do You Know When Nanotechnology Research is Being Done at Your Institution?
John Wendt

Nanotechnology: Safety and Risk Management Overview view
Larry Gibbs and Mary Tang

Nanotechnology - The Current State of Affairs
Andrew Maynard

NIOSH Nanotechnology Efforts: Progress Report on Protecting H & S of Nanotech Workers view
Paul Schulte

Process Safety for Nanotechnology
Lisa Morrison

Safe Nanotechnology, Setting the Stage for Safe Handling view
Vicki Colvin

Understanding Nanodevices view
Jennifer Michalowski, Donna Kerringan, Jeanne Kelly, and Brian Hollen

The Scale of Things – Nanometers and More (chart for presentation use) view

nano images
(Nanoscience images courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory)