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A Story of Impact, NIOSH Research Methods Demonstrate that Breathing Nanoparticles May Result in Damaging Health Effects view

A Survey of Current Practices in the Nanotechnology Workplace VIEW
International Council On Nanotechnology sponsored survey of workplace safety practices in the nanotechnology industry.

About Nanotechnology VIEW
General information about nanotechnology, the potential applications and implications of nanomaterials in the workplace, and a brief look at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s role in occupational safety and health in the field of nanotechnology.

American Industrial Hygiene Association Comments On National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan 2010, November 30, 2010. View
The AIHA Nanotechnology Working Group published comments November 30, 2010 on the draft Strategic Plan for the National Nanotechnology Initiative. AIHA notes that many new chemists and material scientists hired directly from graduate school are unaware of the rudiments of nanomaterial safety and may have had prolonged exposure to airborne nanomaterials during their graduate education.

American Industrial Hygiene Association Nanotechnology Resources VIEW

Big Things from a Tiny World VIEW
National Technology Initiative document.

CB Nanotool View

Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology view
An occupational safety and health resource directory that is sponsored by the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology at Oregon Health and Science University.

DRAFT Audit Report - Nanoscale Materials Safety at the Department's Laboratories VIEW
A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Inspector General Office of Audit Services DRAFT report. The objective of the audit was to determine whether DOE's laboratories were employing appropriate measures specifically tailored for working with nanoscale materials.

Engineered Nanoparticles: Current Knowledge about OHS Risks and Prevention Measures, Second Edition view

Environmental, Health, and Safety Research Needs for Engineered Nanoscale Materials Report VIEW
The report identifies environmental, health, and safety research and information needs related to understanding and management of potential risks of engineered nanoscale materials that may be used in applications such as commercial or consumer products, medical treatments, environmental applications, and research. The report was prepared by the Nanoscale Science, Engineering, and Technology Subcommittee, Committee on Technology National Science and Technology Council.

Environmental Protection Agency Nanotechnology White Paper VIEW
The white paper focuses on potential environmental applications and implications of nanotechnology.

Environmental Monitoring Plan for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles view
E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Final Meeting Summary Report Risk Management Practices for

First Gov for Science view
A gateway to authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies.

Images for Nano Occupational Safety view

Images Courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory view

InterNano VIEW
An information clearinghouse service hosted by the National Nanomanufacturing network.

International Council on Nanotechnology Environmental, Health and Safety Database view
The database contains summaries (abstracts) and citations for research papers related to the environmental, safety and health implications of nanoscale materials (database developed initially by Dr. Tim Borges and Ms. LeeAnn Wilson at Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

Managing the Effects of Nanotechnology VIEW
By J. Clarence Davies
This paper describes the possibilities for government action to deal with effects of nanotechnology and provides evidence relevant for determining what needs to be done to manage nanotechnology.

Nano 101 view

Nanohealth at the NIEHS Big Advances in Small Technology view

Nanoparticles: An Occupational Hygiene Review VIEW
Health and Safety Executive (United Kingdom): Research Report #274.

Nanoparticle Information Library view
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is working with its national and international partners to develop a web-based Nanoparticle Information Library (NIL). The goal of the NIL is to help occupational health professionals, industrial users, worker groups, and researchers organize and share information on nanomaterials, including their health and safety-associated properties.

Nanoscience Images view
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Nanoscience Images view
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nanoscience Screen Savers view
The images represent samples that scientists are discovering at the nanoscale.

Nanotechnology VIEW or view
European Commission Scientific Committees' summary of the scientific opinion on the safety of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology = 10 Critical Topic Areas view
NIOSH has identified 10 critical topic areas to guide in addressing knowledge gaps, developing strategies, and providing recommendations. Each topic provides a brief description of the research that NIOSH is conducting in the area of nanotechnology and the applications and implications of nanomaterials in the workplace.

Nanotechnology, A Report of the U.S. food and Drug Administration Nanotechnology Task Force VIEW
A U.S. Food and Drug Administration Nanotechnology Task Force report that recommends the agency consider developing guidance and taking other steps to address the benefits and risks of drugs and medical devices using nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology Animations view

Nanotechnology – Occupational Safety and Health Administration VIEW
Resources that provide safety and health information relevant to nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology on the NIOSH Science Blog view

Nanotechnology Risk Resources VIEW
University of Wisconsin references to papers, articles, and books on (or related to) potential health and environmental risks of nanomaterials sorted by material or compound, body organ or biological effect studied, or other miscellaneous issues.

Nanotechnology: Should Carbon Nanotubes be handled in the Workplace like Asbestos? VIEW
A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health science blog.

National Cancer Institute Advance Technology Partnerships Initiative VIEW
The National Cancer Institute technology initiatives to accelerate cancer research.

National Cancer Institute Nanotechnology Glossary view

National Library of Medicine Hazardous Substances Data Bank View
National Library of Medicine Hazardous Substances Data Bank has added its first set of nanomaterial records. The nanomaterial records are peer-reviewed and contain information on toxicity, manufacturing and use, chemical and physical properties, environmental fate and exposure, and more.

NIOSH Research Methods Demonstrate that Breathing Nanoparticles May Result in Damaging Health Effects view

Preventing Adverse Health Effects from Nanotechnology (recorded

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies view
The project was established as a partnership between the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Pew Charitable Trusts to help ensure that as nanotechnologies advance, possible risks are minimized, public and consumer engagement remains strong, and the potential benefits of these new technologies are realized.

Protecting the NanoTechnology Workforce, NIOSH Nanotechnology Research and Guidance Strategic Plan, 2013 – 2016 VIEW
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Managed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (United Kingdom), a site that provides information about potential risks to human health and the environment from nanomaterials.

The National Nanotechnology Initiative, Research and Development Leading to a Revolution in Technology and Industry (Supplement to the President's 2008 Budget) VIEW
Annual Report on the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) called for in the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act (Public Law 108-153). The report includes a summary of NNI programmatic activities for planned for 2008.

Think Small (as in Nano Small) view
Andrew Maynard, June 2, 2012 (video)

University Education VIEW
Examples of nanotechnology related degrees, programs, and courses offered at colleges and universities.

Video Podcast on Nanotechnology Safety from the ASME Nanotechnology Institute view

What is Nanoscale (video) view

Other Nanotechnology Related Links

Nanotechnology in Cancer view

nano images(Nanoscience images courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory)