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ORISE Opens New Warehouse Operations Center

June 22, 2005

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) celebrated its new $2 million warehouse operations center last week in a special grand opening ceremony at the SC-200 warehouse located at 1299 Bethel Valley Road.

ORISE Opens New Warehouse   Operations Center

(L to R) Merit Construction, Inc. CEO Marv House, ORAU President Ron Townsend, and Manager of the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office Gerald Boyd officially opened the doors to the warehouse by cutting the chains at the entry to the loading dock door.

The SC-200 warehouse operations center is 22,020 sq. ft. and houses ORISE’s mailroom, shipping and receiving center, records center, locksmith shop, maintenance shop, and storage for custodial and maintenance supplies.

“This facility is a key step forward in the consolidation and modernization plans of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education,” ORAU President Ron Townsend said at the grand opening ceremony.

With completion of the new warehouse operations center, ORISE has completely vacated the DOE space on Warehouse Road, bringing ORISE employees to fewer locations and turning that building back to DOE Oak Ridge Office.

DOE ORO's Gerald Boyd

Manager of the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office Gerald Boyd

“ORAU was able to direct a large percentage of the $2 million in work on this project to East Tennessee businesses, and, most importantly, the work on this building was done safely—the contractors recorded zero lost time accidents,” said manager of the DOE Oak Ridge Office Gerald Boyd. “I wouldn’t expect anything less from an ORISE project.”

ORISE Director Ron Townsend

ORAU President Ron Townsend

The lead contractor for the ORISE warehouse operations center project was Merit Construction, Inc. “We are proud to have worked with ORISE on this new warehousing facility, which will allow them to streamline their maintenance and operations departments. The entire project team has worked together extremely well to meet the project’s schedule and budget,” Merit Construction, Inc. CEO Marv House said.

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