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Young Scientists Travel to Germany to Meet Nobel Laureates

June 22, 2005

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—Sixty-one outstanding graduate research students are attending the 55th Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students in Lindau, Germany , June 26–July 1 to participate in activities relating to chemistry, physics and medicine/physiology with Nobel Laureates.

Continuing a tradition established in 1951 the late Count Lennart Bernadotte, Nobel Laureates in chemistry, physics or medicine/physiology convene annually in Lindau to have open and informal meetings with more than 700 students and young researchers from 54 countries around the world. While traditionally the meetings rotate by discipline each year; this year's event will be multi-disciplinary, focusing equally on chemistry, physics and medicine/physiology.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is sponsoring 26 students, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is sponsoring 25 students and Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) is sponsoring the remaining 10. The 61 participants were selected from among students working at federal facilities or universities funded by NSF or DOE and from among ORAU’s university consortium members.

All participants will travel to Washington, D.C., for a meeting at DOE headquarters on June 24 before leaving for Germany . On Sunday, June 26, the students will tour the historic medieval island city, rich in western European culture, located at the common border of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. That evening, they will attend the opening ceremony for the 55th Lindau Meeting.

Each day, Laureates will lecture on topics of their choice during morning sessions. The primary purpose of the meeting is to allow participants—most of whom are students—to benefit from informal interaction with the Nobel Prize winners in attendance. Therefore, in the afternoons, Laureates will preside over informal sessions exclusively for students. During lunches and dinners, Laureates will join participants at local restaurants for additional informal discussions. Various social events are also on the agenda, including an evening dinner gala, to allow participants to meet attendees from other countries around the world.

On July 1, participants will travel by ferry to the Isle of Mainau for the closing ceremonies at the baroque Mainau Castle, the residence of the Bernadotte family, Swedish patrons of the Lindau Meeting.

"The once-in-a-lifetime experiences that these new scientists will have at this meeting with Nobel Laureates will help them as they go on to make the discoveries that will continue to advance U.S. science," said Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, director of the DOE Office of Science. "Not only will we benefit from their discoveries and innovations, but so will generations to come."

A Web site has been set up to post daily information while students are attending the meeting. Each day, photos and a summary of events will be posted. The Web address for this year’s meeting is

The Web site and travel arrangements for these participants are being administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).

Students Sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

  • Nicole Barbarich-Marsteller, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Sara Breitzman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Steve Bull, Northwestern University
  • Melinda Clark, Miami University
  • Maureen Coleman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Hillary Cummings, University of Washington-Madison
  • Nathaniel Ferraro, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Keith Gilmore, Montana State University
  • Michael Hambourger, Arizona State University
  • Jeremy Jensen, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Louis Jisonna, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Mark Kaucher, University of Maryland
  • James Lamb, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Aaron McGowan, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Patrick Meade, Cornell University
  • Allen Michalski, University of South Carolina
  • Amanda Sabourov, Duke University
  • Mandy Sapp, Oregon State University
  • Mark Smith, Kansas State University
  • Lee-Ann Smith-Freeman, University of Southern California
  • Kimia Sobhani, University of Washington
  • Sarah Soisson, Texas A&M University
  • Tighe Spurlin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Claretta Sullivan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Kristylea Thompson, Marquette University
  • Lawrence Tynes, Hampton University

Students Sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • Lori Burns, Yale University
  • James Burst, Tulane University
  • Damon Carl, University of Utah
  • Amy Cassidy, University of Southern California
  • Kirsten Griffiths, University of California - Los Angeles
  • Rafael Jaramillo, University of Chicago
  • Elizabeth Johnson, University of Iowa
  • Bryan Kaehr, University of Texas at Austin
  • Carly Levin, Rice University
  • Mala Mateen, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
  • Katie Mitchell-Koch, University of Michigan
  • Matthew Mortensen, West Virginia University
  • Derrick Mott, State University of New York-Binghamton
  • Ryan Nieuwendaal, Washington University/St. Louis
  • Denise Pauler, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Jeffrey Peterson, University of Rochester
  • Rodney Priestley, Northwestern University
  • Matthew Rakher, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Edward Sambriski, University of Oregon
  • Barclay Satterfield, Princeton University
  • Brandi Schottel, Texas A&M University
  • Stephen Straight, Arizona State University
  • Evan Thomas, Louisiana State University
  • Maggie Walser, University of California-Irvine
  • Jeremy Yancey, Mississippi State University

Students Sponsored by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)

  • Vanessa Bundy, Medical College of Georgia
  • Christa Chrovian, Wayne State University
  • James Esterline, Duke University
  • Keith Gutowski, University of Alabama
  • Donald Hornback, University of Tennessee
  • LaQuieta Huey, Alabama A & M University
  • Sara Jensen, University of Florida
  • Rebecca Long, University of Pittsburgh
  • Germarie Sanchez, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
  • Rachel Tittle, University of Michigan

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