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ORISE Provides Direction for MARSSIM Users with Latest COMPASS Software Update

May 30, 2007

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—Users of the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) can now rejoice that a popular tool used to process survey data is now even better. The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) recently released the version 1.1 update of the Computerization of MARSSIM for Planning and Assessing Site Surveys (COMPASS) software. The new version 1.1, which was developed at the request of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, includes several improvements over the original version 1.0 first created and developed by ORISE in 2001.

The COMPASS software program facilitates the use of MARSSIM and guides the user into making informed decisions in designing final status radiological surveys. COMPASS simplifies the data quality objectives (DQO) and data quality assessment (DQA) processes and assists in the application of statistical tests. After performing the final status survey, the user employs COMPASS to assess the data for comparison to radiological site release criteria.

The new version 1.1 includes enhancements to the reporting feature and data management, improvements to Windows operating system compatibility, and integration with Visual Sample Plan (VSP), developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. VSP allows data sharing and the use of COMPASS’ DQO and DQA process outputs with its visual presentation capabilities.

"COMPASS has been downloaded and used by individuals across the country and is recognized as a valuable tool in planning and evaluating MARSSIM-based radiological surveys," said ORISE Health Physics and Training Manager Alex Boerner.

The updated software is now available for download from the MARSSIM information page on the ORISE Web site.

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