Start of Appointment

Once the MLEF Program has selected you, there are several steps you need to complete before you can begin your appointment.

MLEF is responsible for submitting all necessary selection paperwork to ORAU. You may not begin your appointment earlier than the start date approved by MLEF, nor can you continue past the approved end date. MLEF will notify ORAU of this information.

Once ORAU has received the approval and selection from MLEF and has confirmed the availability of the specified funds, you will be sent an appointment letter. You must review, sign and return the appointment letter from ORAU, along with Terms of Appointment and other required forms, immediately to accept your appointment and ensure that you will be eligible to receive a stipend.

You are required to have health insurance in place no later than the first day of the appointment.

It is your responsibility to ensure ORAU receives the following items before your appointment and stipend payments can begin.

  • Signed appointment letter and Terms of Appointment
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship
  • Verification of current health insurance
  • All other forms and documents included in the appointment packet or stated in the appointment letter

Finally, the MLEF program mentor or coordinator will certify the date upon which you began participation through the required Certification of Starting Date form. Once all of these steps are complete, ORAU will begin your stipend payments.