ORAU may cover your travel costs for temporary relocation to your appointment site, for the return trip to your hometown, and for the Technical Forum.

All travel, including the trip's purpose and estimated cost, must be approved by the MLEF program coordinator. Daily commuting costs to your appointment are your responsibility.

If you are flying, ORAU Scientific Assessment and Workforce Development (SAWD) Travel can purchase airfare for you directly. ORAU's travel agent will locate the best-priced itinerary that meets your scheduling needs, and e-mail the itinerary to you for your approval. No tickets will be purchased until you have approved them.

If you are driving to your appointment, you must contact SAWD Travel to determine the allowable reimbursement. Otherwise, you may be denied reimbursement for some or all of your expenses.

Be sure to review your appointment letter for additional guidelines regarding your approved expenses. All travel will be in accordance with the ORAU Travel Policy. More information can be found in the ORAU Travel Manual.