Guidance for Radiation Accident Management


Basics of Radiation



Safety Around Radiation Sources

Types of Radiation Exposure

Managing Emergencies Involving Radiation

Is it safe to be around radiation sources?

Keeping Exposure Low

Although some radiation exposure is natural in our environment, it is desirable to limit radiation exposure as much as is possible or practical.

Radiation Protection Guidelines

Time: The shorter the time in a radiation field, the less the radiation exposure. Work quickly and efficiently. A rotating team approach can be used to keep individual radiation exposures to a minimum.

Distance: The farther a person is from a source of radiation, the lower the radiation dose. Do not touch radioactive materials. Use shovels, brooms, etc., to move materials to avoid physical contact.

Shielding: Although not always practical in emergency situations, shielding offered by barriers can reduce radiation exposure.

Quantity: Limit the amount of radioactive material in the working area to decrease exposure.

Emergency responders have never received exposures of medical concern in any radiation accident in the United States.

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