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Guidance for Prehospital Emergency Services



Radioactive materials are among the many kinds of hazardous substances emergency responders might have to deal with in a transportation accident. Because strict packaging requirements are used in the shipment of radioactive materials, accidental spills or releases of these substances seldom occur. Very few emergency responders have ever had to deal with transportation accidents involving radioactive materials, and these accidents will continue to be rare occurrences. Nevertheless, it is prudent for you, as an emergency responder, to know your role in responding to such an accident should one occur in your community.

Like most emergency first responders, you might have questions about these accidents and your involvement in them. This information was written to answer questions most frequently asked by firefighters, law enforcement officers, and medical emergency medical services personnel. It is not intended to substitute for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) for hazardous materials incidents. Remember that some radioactive materials can also be chemically hazardous. Use the ERG and the appropriate guide during any transportation accident involving hazardous material.

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