The Goiania Accident (1987, 137Cs) – Internal Dosimetry Aspects

Luiz Bertelli1, Dunstana R. Melo2& Carlos A.N. Oliveira3
1Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), USA
2Institute for Radiation Protection and Dosimetry/CNEN, Brazil
3International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria


The Goiania accident in September 1987 caused internal contamination and external exposure of several people of all age groups. In vitro (feces and urine) and in vivo (whole body counting) bioassay measurements were used to monitor the contaminated people and to estimate the efficacy of internal decontamination with Prussian Blue. Internal dosimetry aspects of this accident covering the setups of the laboratories, the bioassay measurements, cytogenetic dosimetry, dose assessment for members of the public and for occupationally exposed personnel, and efficacy of the Prussian Blue administration will be described.