Commander Jean-Christophe AMABILE, MD, MPH.
Birth date: 02/20/1970 – Married, four daughters.
Head of the Medical Division of the French Defense Radiation Protection Service (SPRA/DM).
Service de protection radiologique des armées (SPRA) – 1 bis, rue du Lieutenant Raoul Batany – 92 141 CLAMART CEDEX FRANCE.

Prior to his current assignment as Head of the Medical Division of the French Radiation Protection Service (SPRA), Dr Amabile served in the French Navy as a Medical officer on a Strategic Missile Submarine then on a surface ship in Antarctica. In 2010, he became a Radiation Protection specialist. With over 100 medical and scientific references, Dr Amabile is involved especially in the medical management of radio-contaminated and irradiated wounded.


1996: Medical Doctor – University of Lyon I.
2001: Diploma of Medical Statistics – University of Paris VI.
2006: Specialization in Occupational Medicine – University of Paris V.
2007: Master of Public Health – University of Paris V.
2010: Specialization in Radiation Protection – French Armed Forces Health Service.

Language skills (1 = excellent – 5 = basic):

Language Reading Speaking Writing
English 2 2 2
Italian 2 3 4

Membership of professional associations:

  • French Radiation Protection Society (since 2004).
  • French Military Occupational Medicine Society (since 2006).
  • French Military Medicine Society (since 2009).


1997 – 2003 Two missions on Diesel submarine (600 hours of diving).
Medical officer on a SSBN (four missions – 5 700 hours of diving).
Two missions in Antarctica.
2004 – 2007 Medical education in Radiation Protection.
Two months mission in the National Cancer Institute, USA (Dr André Bouville – Dosimetry Group).
Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation Scientific Update Course (Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, USA).
Radiation Epidemiology Course (National Cancer Institute – USA).
2007 – 2010 Head of the Medical Radiation Protection Bureau of the French Defense Radiation Protection Service (SPRA/DM/BRM).
Mission in Kabul, Afghanistan (control of radiation protection of the French military hospital).
2010 – 2011 Specialization in Radiation Protection.
Head of the Medical Division of the French Defense Radiation Protection Service (SPRA/DM).

Scientific collaborations

  • DTPA Working Group (French Atomic Energy Commission – CEA).
  • Accident Response Working Group (USA).

Experience in education in the framework of radiation protection

  • Navy (submarines – aircraft carrier) and Air Force (nuclear bases).
  • Military hospital (radiation protection for the patient).
  • Military School of Val-de-Grâce (military students and Master CBRN).
  • Training and exercises about intervention in case of a radiological event.
  • French Universities of Medicine (Paris V, Paris VI, Versailles).
  • Association of Occupational practitioners.
  • Moroccan Armed Forces (expert).

Publications and Communications

Approximately 100 references in the framework of:

  • Submarine escape and rescue.
  • Medical management of radio-contaminated or irradiated wounded.
  • Epidemiology and ionizing radiation.
  • Prevention and radionuclides exposure.