Makoto AKASHI, M.D., Ph.D.


Executive Director National Institute of Radiological Sciences


Surname: Akashi Given name: Makoto Date of birth: 29 October 1954 Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan Nationality: Japanese

Dr. Akashi was awarded his MD degree from Yamagata University School of Medicine in Yamagata Japan and his PhD from the Graduate School of Medicine, Jichi Medical School in Tochigi Japan where he also did his residencies in Internal Medicine and Hematology. He has been a research fellow at the Division of Hematology/Oncology at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine. He has been working at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) in Chiba Japan since 1990 where he recently became Executive Director.


National Institute of Radiological Sciences 4-9-1 Anagawa, Inage-ku, Chiba, 263-8555, Japan.

Phone : +81-43-206-3002 (Direct Line) F a x : +81-43-256-6282 (Direct Line) E-mail :


April, 1975-March, 1981 : Yamagata University, School of Medicine (Yamagata, Japan) Awarded the degree of MD

April, 1985-March, 1989: Awarded the Degree of Ph D from Graduate School of Medicine, Jichi Medical School (Tochigi, Japan)


May, 1981-May, 1983: Junior Resident, Department of Internal Medicine, Jichi Medical School Hospital, Tochigi, Japan.
June, 1983-April, 1985: Senior Resident, Division of Hematology, Department of Medicine, Jichi Medical School Hospital
November,1987-March, 1990: Research Fellow, Division of Hematology/Oncology, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California
April, 1990-May, 1992: Researcher, Division of Radiation Health, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
June, 1992-March, 1993: Senior Researcher, Division of Radiation Health, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
April, 1993-March, 1997: Chief, Section of Hematology, Division of Radiation Health, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
March, 1994-June, 1994: Visiting Scientist, Hematology / Oncology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / UCLA
April, 1997-March, 2001: Chief, Section of Clinical Hematology and Radiation Injury Control, Division of Radiation Health, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
April, 2001- March, 2003: Chief, Section of Clinical Investigation and Medical Biology, The Research Center for Radiation Emergency Medicine, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
April, 2003 - March, 2007: Director, The Department of Radiation Emergency Medicine, The Research Center for Radiation Emergency Medicine, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
April, 2007 - March, 2011: Supervising Director The Research Center for Radiation Emergency Medicine, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan
March, 2011 - Executive Director, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan


Japanese Cancer Association
Japan Hematological Society
Japan Radiation Research Society
American Society of Hematology
American Association for Cancer Research
Board Member of International Association of Radiopathology


April, 1975-March, 1981: Yamagata University, School of Medicine (Yamagata, Japan Awarded the degree of MD April, 1985-March, 1989: Awarded the Degree of Ph D from Graduate School of Medicine, Jichi Medical School (Tochigi, Japan)


November, 2010 Japan Medical Association Certified Occupational Medicine Physician


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