Sadanori Akita

Dr. Akita did his residency in plastic surgery at Nagasaki University Hospital. He received his PhD from the Graduate School of Nagasaki University specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  He later did a research fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) under supervision of Shlomo Melmed MD on a cytokine expression and its regulation in vivo by using a transgenic animal model.  He serves as a general secretary of World Union of Wound Healing Societies, which will be held in Yokohama, September 2-6, 2012, and will be president of the world union of wound healing societies, for the years of 2012 to 2016, He is the Asian Medical Director of Academy of Wound Technology.  His research interests include: cytokines and stem cells in wound healing, difficult wound healing (radiation injury), reconstructive surgery, burn and craniofacial surgery. 


1989 M.D. Nagasaki University-Six Year Medical Program
1994 Ph.D. Nagasaki University, Graduate School of Medicine
Specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Postdoctoral Training

Internship and Residency

  • 1989-1993 Resident in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Nagasaki Univ. Hospital
  • 1996-1999 Fellow in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Nagasaki Univ. Hospital
  • Clinical and Research Fellowship

    1993-1996 Research Fellow, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

    Licensure and Certification

    2000-present Board Certified by Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Academic Appointment

    1999-present Senior Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, Nagasaki University
    2003- Research director in Plastic Surgery, Nagasaki University

    Hospital Appointment

    1999-presnt Chief, out-patient clinic, Plastic Surgery, Nagasaki University Hospital

    Awards and Honors

    1992 First Prize of Young Investigators Award, Nagasaki Univ. Medical Alumni Association
    1993 Young Investigators Award, 7th international Congress of Cleft Plate-Craniofacial Anomalies
    1995 Posttdoctoral Fellow Award Western Society for Clinical Investigation at Clinical Research Meeting, Carmel, California, USA
    1995-1996 Young Investigator Award, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA
    2003 Scholarship award 5th Asian-Pacific Cleft Lip & Palate Conference
    2006 Best Scholar in Nagasaki University, Tsunoo Award
    2006 Best Investigator Award, the Japanese Society for Wound Healing
    2009 Best presentation, 1st joint session of Wound Healing Society (USA)-Japanese Society for Wound Healing (JSWH)
    2009 Winner of the Japanese chapter award, 14th International Society of Burn Injuries

    Major Research Interests:

    1. Skin substitute technologies
    2. Molecular analysis of normal and abnormal wound healing
    3. Gene modulation of wound healing
    4. Embryologic study of the craniofacial anomalies
    5. Molecular analysis of burn injury
    6. Stem cell therapy (mesenchymal stem cell) for bone formation