Curriculum Vitae


Name: Kazuo Neriishi

Dr. Neriishi was graduated with his MD from Nagasaki University School of Medicine where he also did his residency in Internal Medicine. He later earned PhD from Hiroshima University School of Medicine. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine as well as Occupational Medicine and currently is Consultant, Department of Clinical Studies, Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) in Hiroshima. His research interests are radiation epidemiology, oxidative stress and radiosensitivity.

Sex: Male

Birth Date: August 1, 1950

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Marital Status: Married, one son

Residence Address: 3-29-17-801 Nakasuji,
Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, Japan 731-0122,
Phone 080-1911-6438

Occupation: Medical Doctor (Internist)

Present Status: Consultant, Department of Clinical Studies, Radiation Effects Research Foundation

Office Address: 5-2 Hijiyama Park, Minami-Ku, Hiroshima, Japan, 732-0815,
Phone 81-82-261-3131,
Fax 81-82-263-2729,
(Present address: Yachiyo Hospital, 448 Katsuta Yachiyo, Akitakata, Japan)

Education: Graduated from Nagasaki University School of Medicine in 1976.
Received Ph.D. from Hiroshima University School of Medicine in 1986

Professional Training: Medical Resident at Nagasaki University School of Medicine in 1976-78
Research Fellow at Miami University School of Medicine in 1981-84

License: Japanese National License of Medicine
Diploma, Japanese Board of Internal Medicine
Diploma, Japanese Board of Occupational Medicine
MEST No. 50359452(registry No.0004)

Membership: Japan Society of Internal Medicine
Japan Society of Public Health
Japan Society of Radiation Research
Society of Radiation Research (USA)
International Society for Free Radical Research

Major Research Interest: Radiation Epidemiology, Oxidative Stress and Radiosensitivity

Professional Activities:

2005 WHO Chernobyl Forum expert, Geneva
2003 IAEA professional expert, Malaysia seminar
2001-2008 Deputy, Committee of Medical Management for the Exposed, Atomic Energy Safety Commission, Cabinet Office of Japanese Government
1999-present Member, Committee of Health Care for JCO Criticality Accident in Tokaimura, Ibaragi Prefecture
1997-2003 Secretariat, NIS Researcher Exchange program for Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


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