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Center for Science Education

ORAU Center for Science Education

ORAU Center for Science Education

Completed in January 2009, the Center for Science Education was established to support a fundamental national need for improvements in science and technology education.

ORAU—the contractor that manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)—created the Center for Science Education as a national resource for featuring proven approaches and programs that can help make science, technology, engineering and mathematics education more effective.

The ORAU Center for Science Education is also home to more than 150 ORISE-administered science education programs that serve more than 6,000 students, faculty and postgraduates each year.

K-12 Education Programs

Recent international studies suggest that while student performance in the United States remains neutral, science and math education in other countries continues to improve. In order to compete in the global marketplace, the U.S. must invest more time and resources to motivate students at a young age to pursue careers within the scientific workforce. ORISE K-12 education programs help to foster that early interest by providing scholarly competitions, summer education workshops, science camps and a variety of research participation opportunities.

Teacher  Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

Recognizing that engaging in authentic research changes the way teachers educate their students, ORISE operates a series of summer workshops for teachers focused on bridging the gap between academia and laboratory research communities. Participating teachers gain the opportunity for genuine, one-on-one interaction with laboratory researchers and take their experiences back to the classroom. ORISE teacher professional development opportunities also provide technology training for teachers so that they can integrate educational technology into their curricula.

K-12 Student and Teacher Research Experiences

Want to learn more about K-12 student and teacher research opportunities offered through ORISE?

Browse through our research experiences to find out how K-12 students and teachers are applying their hands-on experiences in the classroom.