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Research Project Description

Science and Technology Policy Fellowship

DOE's State Energy Program

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Financing


Project Description:

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) State Energy Program (SEP) is seeking a fellow with experience and/or an educational background in the energy efficiency, renewable energy financing.  The fellow will help DOE Technical Project Officers (TPOs) and other DOE staff with administering competitive cooperative agreements that contain financing elements, provide substantive input on financing issues with respect to achieving the goals of these agreements and provide guidance on state financing mechanisms established under the Recovery Act, including Revolving Loan Funds and Loan Loss Reserves. 


The mission of SEP is to provide leadership to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy through technology deployment, communications and outreach activities and access to new partnerships and resources.  Through the SEP, DOE provides formula and competitive funding assistance to states.  States use formula awards to address their energy priorities through programs and policies that accelerate adoption of emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.  DOE provides competitive awards to support policy and project developments that are highly leveraged and sustainable.

Transitioning to a clean energy economy requires innovative financing solutions that enable state and local governments to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The lack of up-front capital is one of the key barriers to clean energy upgrades, so state and local governments need to tackle this challenge whether they are looking to pay for improvements in their own buildings or drive action in the residential, commercial, and/or industrial sectors of their communities by offering financing programs.

There are several kinds of financing programs that state and local governments may establish.  These include:

  • State and municipal revolving loan funds
  • Third-party loans
  • Energy savings performance contracting
  • Property assessed clean energy
  • On-bill repayment
  • Energy efficient mortgages
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Federal Housing Authority Power Saver Loans
  • Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
  • Green Banks

SEP seeks a fellow with expertise in financing programs to advise SEP staff on energy efficiency and renewable energy financing issues relevant to state and local governments and financing program management.

Specific duties will include:

  • Assist SEP TPOs and Policy Advisors in managing grants and cooperative agreements with financing elements.
  • Assist SEP staff in overseeing financing programs established under the Recovery Act, including revolving loan funds and loan loss reserves.
  • Provide expertise on state and local energy efficiency and renewable energy financing issues.  This could include conducting research on financing issues and preparing research reports.
  • Conduct other activities as requested by the SEP manager.

Candidate background

Successful candidates will possess knowledge of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and programs and extensive knowledge of financing programs, particularly those related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.  Successful candidates will possess excellent writing, research and communication skills and work well in a fast-paced environment.  Experience working with state and local governments a plus.

How to Apply:

Application form is available at