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Expert Identification

Two peer review experts discussing the review topic

Effective peer review management requires finding academic reviewers or other experts and recruiting them for the job of verifying the scientific merit of many programs and initiatives. To do this, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) maintains access to an established professional network to ensure that reviewer recruitment efforts match the needs of each sponsor.

ORISE identifies potential peer reviewers from more than 350 universities and other research and development organizations across the United States, including Oak Ridge Associated Universities’ consortium of Ph.D.-granting universities. ORISE also locates contacts through relevant professional organizations, public lists and the Internet.

How ORISE identifies and locates candidate reviewers (graphic)

Once candidates are identified, ORISE conducts an extensive screening process to identify those individuals with sufficient and appropriate expertise directly pertaining to the scientific peer review. If they qualify and are available to participate in the peer review, ORISE completes the screening process by avoiding or mitigating any potential conflicts of interest.

ORISE’s rigorous process for selecting qualified reviewers may involve the following:

How ORISE recommends reviewers and assignments for clients (graphic)