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Enhancing Tools and Services to Support DOE Research

Improving a complex peer review process through convenient, real-time data

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When it comes to peer evaluation and merit reviews, information accuracy and the ease-of-access to it are critical to the funding agency. ORISE’s independent review specialists are experts in protecting that information and in providing enhanced ways to view the information instantaneously.

How ORISE is Making a Difference

ORISE improved its Web-based tools to allow for the approval of review presentations and the assignment of reviewers to specific presentations prior to the five-day U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Vehicle Technologies annual program evaluation and review—the largest for ORISE.

Through the integration of software, ORISE was able to enhance its peer review service offerings by matching 339 reviewers to 551 review projects, which provided greater process control, information accuracy and access. These elements are essential to DOE and the offices of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Fossil Energy, Nuclear Energy and Science, as merit reviews, peer evaluation results and the overall review process are utilized to make funding decisions for upcoming fiscal years. 

As a result, ORISE’s newly improved, online review process helped provide more proficient evaluations of the customer’s projects in the areas of applied research, development, demonstration, and analysis of hydrogen, fuel cells, and infrastructure technologies.