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2011 Bibliography

These citations provide bibliographical information about articles published by University Radioactive Ion Beam (UNIRIB) consortium staff in 2011.

Articles in Scientific Journals

Beta-decay studies of the transitional nucleus 75Cu and the structure of 75Zn. Ilyushkin, S. V., J. A. Winger, K. P. Rykaczewski, C. G. Gross, J. C. Batchelder, L. Cartegni, I. G. Darby, R. Grzywacz, J. H. Hamilton, A. Korgul, W. Królas, S. N. Liddick, C. Mazzocchi, T. Mendez, S. Padgett, M. M. Rajabali, D. Shapira, D. W. Stracener, E.F. ZganjarPhys Rev C 83, 014322 (2011).

Signature inversion in odd-odd 114Rh: First identification of high-spin states in very neutron-rich 114Rh and application of the triaxial projected shell model. Liu, S., J. H. Hamilton, A. V. Ramayya, Y. S. Chen, Z. C. Gao, S. J. Zhu, L. Gu, E. Y. Yeoh, N. T. Brewer, J. K. Hwang, Y. X. Luo, J. O. Rasmussen, W. C. Ma, J. C. Batchelder, A. V. Daniel, G. M. Ter-Akopian, Yu Ts Oganessian, and A. Geldberg. Phys Rev C 83, 064310 (2011).

Direct studies of low-energy resonances in 31P(p,α) 28Si and 35Cl(p,α)32S. Moazen, B. H., C. Matei, D. W. Bardayan, J. C. Blackmon, K. Y. Chae, K. A. Chipps, R. Hatarik, K. L. Jones, R. L. Kozub, M. Matos, C. D. Nesaraja, P. D. O’Malley, S. D. Pain, T. Pelham, W. A. Peters, S. T. Pittman, J. F. Shriner, Jr., and M. S. Smith.Phys J A 47, 66 (2011).

Neutron knockout of 12Be populating neutron-unbound states in 11Be. Peters, W. A., T. Baumann, B. A. Brown, J. Brown, P. A. DeYoung, J. E. Finck, N. Frank, K. L. Jones, J.-L. Lecouey, B. Luther, G. F. Peaslee, W. F. Rogers, A. Schiller, M. Thoennessen, J. A. Tostevin, and K. Yoneda. Phys Rev C 83, 057304 (2011).

The ß decay properties of the transitional nucleus 75Cu and the structure of 75Zn. SPhys. Rev. C 83, 014322 (2011).


Alpha Decay of Proton-Rich 112Cs and 111Xe. Fourth International Conference on Proton-emitting Nuclei (PROCON2011). Cartegni, L. June 2011, Bordeaux, France.

Alpha Decays near 100Sn and Nuclear Pairing. Fourth International Conference on Proton-emitting Nuclei (PROCON2011). Grzywacz, R. June 2011, Bordeaux, France.

Digital Data Acquisition for Radioactive Decay Studies. Miller, D.Fourth International Conference on Proton-emitting Nuclei (PROCON2011), June 2011, Bordeaux, France.