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How to Work With Us

Contact ORISE for worker health studies assistance

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) provides the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other government agencies with capabilities to assess worker, public and environmental health. Services provided include illness and injury surveillance, worker health research, medical data management, beryllium exposure studies and testing, radiation exposure data collection, and human subjects protection.

If you are interested in any of ORISE’s health assessment capabilities, contact:

Dr. Donna Cragle
Director; Health, Energy and Environment
Work: 865.576.3115

Contracting with ORISE

DOE purchasers may obtain services through ORISE by completing a field work proposal. Please contact the Procurement Contracts Helpdesk at 865.576.3049 for information regarding the ORISE procurement process.

DOE entities may also obtain health assessment services directly through ORISE. Please contact Dr. Donna Cragle (865.576.3115) for additional information about technical capabilities and ORISE contract mechanisms.

A Strategic Partnership Projects agreement permits work to be performed for non-DOE entities when the work is not directly funded by DOE. Work performed for other agencies under this contract is subject to DOE approval, must adhere to the requirements of the Economy Act, must be consistent with or complement the missions of DOE and ORISE, and must not place ORISE in direct competition with the private sector.

Medical professional and DOE worker