Security Safeguarding employees, property and information at ORISE

Operational security at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education is prioritized through a comprehensive program that protects facilities, personnel, property, sensitive information and classified materials from loss or destruction by dissidents, terrorists, foreign intelligence, criminal activity and insider threats. 

ORISE boasts a near flawless record when it comes to protecting its employees, property and information. Modeled after the U.S. Department of Energy’s own security framework, ORISE security thwarts physical breaches, cyber attacks and malevolent intrusions that result in network downtime. Because ORISE’s overall security plan and implementation are solid, DOE has presented ORISE with high marks in security. 

At ORISE, security is specifically focused in these areas: 

Program planning and management

Developing safeguards and security plans, conducting risk assessments and performing self-assessments.

Cyber security

Performing forensics and cyber security analyses, monitoring network traffic, developing cyber security policies and procedures, and promoting awareness through exercises and training.

Physical security

Performing physical patrols and managing visitor control and facility access.

Information security

Protecting classified information, providing security awareness briefings and performing operations security.

Personnel security

Overseeing clearance processing, managing DOE badging and coordinating foreign travel security for employees.